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              “I Just don't Look Good Naked Anymore”
   When Keith Haugen first heard “Trucker’s Lament,” written by Sheb Wooley and Dick Feller, it moved to the top of his list of songs to be learned and performed. A few weeks later, he brought the house down at Honey’s in Kane`ohe, with his performance of a song that has since become known as “I Just Don’t Look Good Naked Anymore.” He walks into a club, and fans call out “Hey, Keith, you just don’t look good naked anymore.” Almost everywhere he goes, he is asked to sing the song. And everyone, it seems, wants a recording. So, here it is!
Keith included his topical popular medley of his “Cease Fire” and Bobby Darin’s “Simple Song of Freedom” on this CD. Keith has sung that medley in dozens of peace rallies, anti-war events and patriotic gatherings, with the Veterans For Peace, and warming up audiences for such noted speakers as Ann Wright, Cindy Sheehan, Ah Quon McIlrath, Dennis Kucinich.
At the request of former Lt. Gov. Jean King, he was the headliner for the 86th birthday concert honoring American folk hero Pete Seeger. Following a LEAP (Let’s Everyone Affirm Peace) Day performance in Honolulu, Dr. Glenn Paige, president of the Center for Global NonViolence, dubbed Keith “the Pete Seeger of Hawai`i.”
On September 21, 2007, International Peace Day, celebrated in more than 200 countries, Keith was honored by the Hawai`i State Legislature and the Spark M. Matsunaga Institute for Peace. In ceremonies at the State Capitol atrium, Keith was presented the Literary Award for Song Lyrics for
“Cease Fire” in conjunction with the Inaugural Peace Day Hawai`i. “It’s a message I want to share
with the world,” Keith said.
And, to honor requests from fans, he included a few more songs from an earlier recording. You'll hear "Days Gone By," "The Village Where I Went To School," "The Next Door Neighbor's Kid," "Roses Are Red (My Love)," "Beyond The Sunset," and "The Christmas Prayer." It's a steal at $5 (includes postage and handling). Add $2 per CD for foreign mail.


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S&S offers uplifting, original tracks

              “AUTHOR! AUTHOR!”
                  AN ANTHOLOGY OF

“The Best of Keith Haugen, Volume 1”

This CD contains song in the following categories
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“The Best of Keith & Carmen Haugen, Volume 1”

An anthology of Hawaiian songs
from six earlier K&C recordings

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“Na Mele Hawai`i Punahele”
(Favorite Hawaiian Songs)

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Songs included on `Ukulele Lady

By Keith & Carmen Haugen

I Ka La `Apopo (Keith Haugen)
Ka Makana O Pauahi (Keith Haugen)
Pane Mai (Robert Cazimero)
`O Ka Wehi `O Kawehi (Keith Haugen)
He Makana Mai Ke Ali`i (Keith Haugen)
Ku`u Pua Lehua (Peter Kalani)
My `Ukulele and Me (Mitchell Tableporter)
The Ko`olaus Are Sleeping Now (Jay Larrin)
It Happens Every Day In Waikiki (Vic Rittenband)
`Ukulele Lady (Richard Whiting/Gus Kahn)
Protea (Keith Haugen)
Remember My Island (Sommerfield/Christopher)
Honolulu Baby (Marvin Hatley)
In The Royal Hawaiian Hotel (Al Jacobs, Johnny Noble)
You're Lovely But Lonely (Doug Baker)
Ua Like No A Like/I'll Be Thinking of You (Alice Everett/Al Hoffman, Dick Manning)
A Fresh Lei Each Day (Jud Strunk)
Carmen's Song (Keith Haugen)

`UKULELE LADY is available for purchase at and
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Tropical Disc

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Songs included on "Looking Back"

By Keith & Carmen Haugen

Royal Hawaiian Hotel (Mary Robins)
Blue Hawai`i (Leo Robin, Ralph Rainger)
Sweet Leilani (Harry Owens)
Medley - Waikiki/Sands of Waikiki (Andy       Cummings/Jack Pitman)
The Hukilau Song (Jack Owens)
Little Brown Gal (Lee Wood, Don McDiarmid, Johnny Noble)
Keep Your Eyes on the Hands (Tony Todaro, Mary Johnston)
Medley - Ku`u Aloha E/Magic Islands (Traditional/Ken Darby)
Hawaiian Wedding Song/Ke Kali Nei Au               (Al Hoffman, Dick Manning/Charles E. King)
Ka Wai `Awa`awa (Larry Kimura, Keith Haugen)
Brown Skin Woman (Keith Haugen)
E `Ike Mai (Keith Haugen, James K. Kaholokula Sr.)
Lahainaluna (Albert Kaleikini)
The Lei Maker (Keith Haugen)
O`ahu (Carole Miguel, Keith Haugen)
Mokupuni Nui (Keith Haugen)
Ku`u Home I Pupukea (Keith Haugen)
Maua Pu (James K. Kaholokula Sr., Keith Haugen)
Ali`ipoe (William Maka`ehu)
Ku`u Home Lunalilo (Joseph Halemanu)

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Tropical Disc

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Because of demand for this recording on CD, we have decided to make it available to our friends and fans everywhere.  There is no CD booklet, but the song titles are printed on the disc itself.  “The Village Where I Went To School” was recorded by Keith & Carmen in 1996, especially for release at a July Fourth concert that year in Lake Bronson, Minnesota, the village where Keith went to school.  Everyone attending that concert went home with a cassette copy of this recording.  Many fans have since asked for a CD of this release, so here it is. It is only $10, including postage and handling. Add three dollars ($3) for foreign mail.

Songs included on "The Village Where I Went to School"

By Keith & Carmen Haugen

The Village Where I Went to School
Roses Are Red (My Love)
Days Gone By
Days of My Youth
Next Door Neighbor's Kid
Beyond the Sunset
Protea (instrumental) (KH)
A Fresh Lei Each Day (Jud Strunk)
Carmen's Song (KH)
We Still Care (KH)
Yes, We Remember (KH)
Merry Christmas One & All (KH)
It's Christmas (All Over The World) (KH)
The Christmas Prayer (KH)
Cease Fire, A Christmas Song (KH)
The Greatest Gift (KH)
Minnesota Blue (KH)
The Love That Counts (KH)

(KH) denotes songs written by Keith Haugen

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By Keith Haugen

Because Island Viking received so many requests for Keith’s Christmas songs on a CD, Island Viking re-mastered, re-ordered, re-packaged, re-named and re-released an earlier release (IVSC 388) that includes five of Keith’s most popular Christmas Songs in November 2002.  The new EP CD (extended play) included fives songs – “It’s Christmas (All Over The World),” “Merry Christmas One & All,” “The Christmas Prayer,” “The Greatest Gift” and “Cease Fire, a Christmas Song.”  It was available earlier only on stereo cassette called “Cease Fire & Other New Christmas Songs.”  Send $10 per EPCD, including postage and handling. Add $3 for each CD to be mailed to a foreign address.

Yes, he still writes at least one Christmas song every year, and may put out a full-length Christmas CD soon, with a dozen or more of his own Christmas songs, including “In Bethlehem,” the Christmas “rap” that he wrote in 1995 and which was premiered that Christmas by four sixth grade boys at the Star of the Sea School’s annual Christmas concert.




By Cordell

IVCD 202, a CD single that features Cordell singing his controversial 1988 Christmas song, “Cease Fire,” in a medley with Bobby Darin’s 1969 hit, “Simple Song of Freedom” was released by Island Viking in October 2002.  Keith premiered this at an October 2002 Not-In-Our-Name anti-war rally at Ala Mona Beach Park in Honolulu as Americans and others all over the world rallied on that day asking US President George W. Bush to seek peace instead of starting another war.  The recording is still available for only $5, postage included. Add three dollars per CD for foreign mail.







Songs included on Lullaby

By Carmen U`ilani Haugen

Cradle Song (Brahm's Lullaby)
Go To Sleep, Lena, Darling (Emmett's Lullaby)
Pupu Hinuhinu (Hawaiian Lullaby)
Close Your Eyes (Haugen's Lullaby)
All Through the Night (Welsh Lullaby)
Owl's Lullaby (American Lullaby)
Sleep, My Little One (Armenian Lullaby)
To Babyland (American Lullaby)
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (American Lullaby)
Sleep, Sleep, My Darling (French Lullaby)
Oh, Hush Thee My Baby (Scottish Lullaby)
Our Baby (French Lullaby)
Sleep, O Sleep (American Lullaby)
Lullaby (American Lullaby)
I Will Sing A Lullaby (17th Century English Lullaby)
Child's Dreamland (American Lullaby)
The Dustman (American Lullaby)
Sing Ting-A-Ling-A-Jingle (Christmas Lullaby)

Front cover

Back cover

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Benjamin James Makena Rivera-Concannon, 7 months, youngest of Keith &
Carmen's nine mo`opuna (grandchildren)

Agnes  Kimura

Songs included on Agnes Kimura
"In The Hawaiian Style"

`Opihi Moemoe
(Leonard Kwan)
Ka Wai Lehua `A`ala Ka Honua
(Frank Hewett)
Hole Hole Bushi
(Traditional / Harry Urata,
Arranged by Michio Shishikura)
(Agnes Kimura / Keith Haugen)
Meleana E
(Traditional, arr. By Raymond
Kane / Ozzie Kotani)
E Hula Mai `Oe
(Keith Haugen / Agnes Kimura)
(Lei Collins/Maddy Lam)
Pauoa Liko Ka Lehua
(Emma Bush)
(Kuakini Wahine)
Kamalani O Keaukaha
(Lena Machado)
(Kalei Aona / Vickie I`i Rodrigues)
(from Kananaka, traditional
arr by Ozzie Kotani)
Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai
(Edith Kanaka`ole)
Iesu Me Ke Kanaka Waiwai
(John K. Almeida)
Aloha `Ia `O Wai`anae
(Abigail Pilila`au/Rachael Kaleiwahea)
(Prince William Lunalilo)
Ku`u Pua I Paoakalani
(Queen Lili`uokalani).

Agnes Kimura In The Hawaiian Style
is avialable forpurchase at  

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Tropical Disc

Agnes Kimura is Japan's top slack-key guitarist and leading singer
of Hawaiian songs. Although she has recorded and released four
all-Hawaiian CDs in Japan (on such labels as arr by Ozzie Kotani)
Sony & Victor) this is her first CD recorded and released in Hawai`i.
It is on the Island Viking label; was produced by Keith Haugen and
engineered by Audy Kimura. Among the Hawaiian stars who
performed with Agnes on this exciting  CD are backup vocalists
Nina Keali`iwahamana and Iwalani Kahalewai, steel guitarist
Alan Akaka, slack-key guitarist George Kuo, and Jim Howard
who did the bass tracks and the solo flute on two songs. Agnes
teamed up with Keith and wrote the music to two new songs recorded
here for the first time. Agnes was the first foreign slack-key artists
invited to perform in the annual Bankoh Ki Ho`alu Festival in
Honolulu in 1990 and was invited back again the following year.
She put the Island has performed with such greats as
Ledward Ka`apana, George Kuo, Cyril Pahinui and Bla Pahinui,
and studied under Ozzie Kotani. Agnes performs in the
Restaurant Hapuna in Tokyo's Shinagawa Prince Hotel and at
Sam Choy's, a popular eatery in Tokyo.


    Here is the most exciting, unusual Hawaiian CD to be released in recent years. It is called "Limited Edition, Volume I" and includes a dozen songs recorded in 1947, but not released until October 1999.
    The CD features Peter Dillingham on steel guitar (he was 26 years old when he recorded these cuts) with the beautiful voice of Bill Akamuhou and the backup musicianship of Bill's Nautical Hawaiians, one of the most popular bands in the Islands in the WWII years.
     The 12 cuts were recorded by Bill Fredlund of Bell Records, but were never released commercially. Peter brought the six unplayed 78s to Keith Haugen, who produced them on this exciting CD. The recordings were remastered by Dunbar Wakayama of Audio Media and sound like something recorded yesterday.
    It is a must for collectors and fans of Hawaiian music, especially those who enjoy good steel guitar. Songs on the CD are: Maui Chimes, Lovely Sapphire of the Tropics, Moon of Manakoora, White Ginger Blossoms, When Evening Falls (recorded here for the first time), Haleakala Hula, Pohai Kealoha, Na Moku Eha, Moana Chimes, Palisa, Maori Brown Eyes, and Kama`aina. The "chimes" songs are instrumental. The remaining 10 songs include a wonderful mix of vocals and steel.

Tropical Disc


Peter Pam Records also will release a "Limited Edition, Volume II" CD in early November. It is an anthology and includes 22 songs from two LPs produced by Keith Haugen for the Peter Dillingham Band in the 1980s. The CD features such greats as Peter Dillingham, Sol Bright, Simeon Bright, Joe Recca, Jacob Kaleikini, Cy Luidington, Irmgard Aluli & Puamana, Joe 'The Fiddler" Bourque, John Lino, and on one of the BONUS TRACKS, Patricia Lei Anderson Murray.
    Songs on Volume II include To You Sweetheart Aloha, Kai Hawanawana, Old Plantation, Eleu Mikimiki, Hula Breeze, Ka Makanai Ka`ili Aloha, Minehaha, Soft Green Seas, Hawaiian Paradise, Hawai`I Aloha, Sophisticated Hula, My Tane, Nani Waimea, Lovely Hula Hands, South Sea Island Magic, Hawaiian Cowboy, Kaulana O Hilo Hanakahi, Ka Ua Loku, Waikiki, Lei of Stars, Hole Waimea, Lei Aloha, Lei Makamae, and BONUS TRACKS Pretty Red Hibiscus, and Ku`u Pua I Paoakalani.

Tropical Disc


There’s a lot more to a good recording than just the artists whose names appear on the album cover. Over the past 25 years, some pretty terrific musicians and singers have backed Keith & Carmen on their recordings.

With their latest release, “Na Mele Hawai`i Punahele,” (Favorite Hawaiian Songs), K&C celebrate 30 years of performing in Waikiki; and nearly a quarter of a century of recordings. During these many years, we have recorded on a number of labels, working with some of the finest engineers, producers, singers, musicians, chanters, researchers, writers, artists, designers, photographers, and consultants in the business.  Some of them worked with us on many projects, others on only one.

Today, we salute them all and we say thanks.  Here they are, in no particular order, as they were listed in the credits on our 45s, 33 1/3s, 8-tracks, cassettes, Evatone sound sheets, and CDs.  Mahalo to the following friends for sharing their tremendous  talents with us, our other friends and fans:

Bill Murata, Guy Tseu, Ezra Johnson, Robbie Kaholokula, Eddie Palama, Cathy Rivera, Donna Rivera, Clinton Aina, Wilton Harvest, Paula & John Sarsona, Brenda & Linda Lee, Cyrinah Solomon, Kirk Kamanu, Scott Maukele, Cory Kaneaiakala, Herb Ono, Bob Lang, Roger Parsons, Chris Skapik, Elaine Iwamasa, Elaine Ako Spencer, Ed Roy, Elizabeth & George Studios, George Gardiser, Lea Uehara, Pierre Grill, Nanilisa Pascua, Hans Ballin, Gladys Isokane, Erik Diesen, Michael Eisenstot, Katy Campbell, The Sugar Cane Express, Rob Hartley, De DeCrow, Bill Joor, John Higgins, Nora Oyama-Haugen, Stanton K. Haugen, Steve Sakaue, Kevin Hirasa, Dunbar Wakayama, Tracy Clay, John Lino, Augie Colon, Jack Matthews, Jeff Helberg, Hal & Kay Rosoff, Albert Ka`ai, George Kuo, Keoki Lake, Lanakila  Rittenband, Helene Woodward, Randy Oness, Danny Kaleikini, Isaac Ki`ilehua, Louis “Moon” Kauakahi, Bob Nelson, U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye, Al Velasquez, Carl Carlson, Jen Loper, Gordon Freitas, Don Humphrey, Greg Sardinha, Steve Kramer, John Valentine, Roy Hamada, Todd Adamski, The Sounds of Aloha Chorus, Steve DeCrow, David Leeder, Bill Curtis, Mark Conching, Tom Hutton, Sam Vigil, Wayne Neidhardt, Ralph Brandt, Ed Allen, Tim Ozmun, Rob Hartley, Roy Hewetson, Ray Higuchi, Lee Carney, Jay Linskey, Katie Linskey, Edie Becker, Jim Jeffus, Sjoberg Photo, Bishop Museum, Jack & Marty Ford Collection, and T.W. Shelton.

Mahalo also to the many great composers whose songs we have recorded, to those who have inspired us musically over the past half century, and to all of those who helped underwrite, or who bought and played our recordings. Thanks to columnists, reviewers and others in the media, those who have reviewed our releases, and to radio & television stations that play our music.  If we have overlooked anyone, we offer our sincerest apologies. — K & C (January 2003)


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