Ka `Ohana Haugen

We're VERY proud of our growing family and we'd like to share them with you, our many friends around the world. Here are some pictures of our healthy, handsome, happy children (and their spouses), our mo`opuna (grandchildren), and our mother, Mary. Call it a page from the Haugen family album.

On the next page in this album, we will show you some of our "extended" family, including some of those who are so close that we treat them like family and that is how they treat us. Some have been friends for many years, and some are new found friends.

First a little background. Carmen traces her family back to Big Island ali`i of hundreds of years ago. And if you can believe Keith, he is the many times great grandson of Eric The Red. Ha! That's a laugh. Eric was born on March 7, 940 in Norge; Keith, on March 7, 1940 (it happened to be a Thor's Day), a thousand years later, in Minnesota (aka New Scandinavia).

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Mary Sarmiento (aka Lolina Char Ko) at 84,
pictured here with Carmen, third of her 11 children.
Ma is the matriarch of our `ohana.

Keith & Carmen
(Oh no! Not another picture of them!)

The next generation:

We don't often get all of our children together at the same time,
but here is a fairly recent picture of all five TOGETHER. Front
row, from the left, Donna, Cathy, Stanton. Back row, from the
left, Michael and Derek.

Donna Mae Rivera (now Mrs. Edwin Lucero) of Kahului, Maui
Cathymarie Faith Rivera (now Mrs. James M. Concannon) of of Plymouth, Massachusetts.
Stanton Keith Haugen (married to Nora Naomi Oyama-Haugen) of Manoa, O`ahu".
Michael Anthony Rivera (still single) of Ha`iku, Maui.
Derek Kekona Haugen Sr. (married to Deanne Keiko Yokoyama)of Honolulu, O`ahu.



Jasmine Andrea Kawaiokalani Lucero (August 18, 1983) - (Donna & Edwin)
Whitney Minoru Haugen (May 6, 1987) - (Stanton & Nora)
Crystal Gail Puanahoumekealoha Haugen-Lee (June 14, 1989) - (Derek & Dee)
Jeremy Keali`ionahuawai Lucero (November 11, 1989) - (Donna & Edwin)
Spencer Tadashi Haugen (February 20, 1990) - (Stanton & Nora)
Chaz Michael Nobu Calistro(July 1, 1990) - (Derek & Dee)
Zahc Anthony Hau`oli Calistro(August 26, 1992) - (Derek & Dee)
Derek Kekona Haugen II (August 28, 1996) - (Derek & Dee)
Benjamin James Makena Rivera-Concannon (November 1, 1998) - (Cathy & Jim)
Peter Kaleo Rivera-Concannon (Apr. 23, 2001) (Cathy & Jim)

Chaz, Zahc, Crystal (front row)
Dee, Kona, Derek (back row)
Flag Day 1999, Crystal's 10th B-day

Donna, Jasmine, Edwin, Jeremy
(he doesn't always look like that


Jim, Cathy & Makena

Whitney, Nora, Stanton, Spencer

Our eldest, Cathy, with her Mom

When Keith received his degree at the
UH, Carmen did too. The PHt is for
"Pushing Husband through." I'd have
never made it without her, he says.

Derek with his eldest, Crystal, on her 10th birthday

Our youngest , Derek, with his Dad
on Dad's graduation day.

Derek with his youngest, Kona (DKH II)

Michael at work at MCCC,
he kia`i hale pa`ahao `o ia

Benjamin James Makena Rivera-Concannon
with his mother Cathy

Crystal with Auntie Cathy

Here's a four-generation family picture
of Great-Grandma (seated) Tutu Carmen,
Granddaughter Jasmine, and her mother, Donna

Derek & Dee (DKH & DKH)

Keith's family: Front row; Dad (Anton), Lorraine, Mom (Gudrun).
Back row: Merl, Jim, Harvey, Cordell (that's Keith when he was 18)
Only "Keith survives."

Jim & Cathy

Ma (center on sofa) with eight of her children. (front row) Mildred,
Rosa, Leimomi (second row) Bobby, Danny, Ma, Benny, Aga, Carmen
Absent are Teddy; Frances (dec.) and Gloria Ann (dec.)


"Kaleo, our youngest, on his first birthday."