Songs composed by Keith Haugen and others

Below is an index of compositions.  Titles underlined are available to view below.  Click on the underlined titles to link to the lyrics.  Check back periodically, as all lyrics will be added. Feel free to ask about the dozens of Keith Haugen compositions that have not yet been recorded, including songs for Christmas, and new songs about such things as the ti leaf lei, Wearing of a lei, West Moloka`i, Drinking `awa, Sugarcane, Legendary characters and their great feats, Lahainaluna and other famous places, Aunty Irmgard Aluli, and love songs like "Ka`u Mea Aloha" and "Together Forever," both written for Carmen.


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SONG TITLE                        COMPOSER(S)

1. Carmen's Song                                Keith Haugen

2. Protea                                             Keith Haugen

3. O`ahu                                             Carol  Miguel / Keith Haugen

4. Mokupuni Nui                                 Keith Haugen

5. E Hula Mai `Oe                               Keith Haugen / Agnes Kimura

6. Maua Pu                                          James Kaholokula / Keith Haugen

7. It's Christmas All Over The World    Keith Haugen

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SONG TITLE                        COMPOSER(S)

8. Merry Christmas One & All              Keith Haugen

9. He Makana Mai Ke Ali`i                  Keith Haugen

10. I Ka La `Apopo                             Keith Haugen

11. E `Ike Mai                                     Keith Haugen / James Kaholokula

12. `O Ka Wehi `O Kawehi                 Keith Haugen

13. We Still Care                                 Keith Haugen

14. Yes, We Remember                       Keith Haugen/Bob Nelson

15. Ka Makana O Pauahi                     Keith Haugen

16. Hokeo                                            Agnes Kimura / Keith Haugen

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SONG TITLE                        COMPOSER(S)

17. The Christmas Prayer                    Keith Haugen

18. Ka Wai `Awa`awa                        Larry Kimura / Keith Haugen

19. Crown Flower                               Keith Haugen

20. Cease Fire, A Christmas Song       Keith Haugen

21. The Greatest Gift                           Keith Haugen

22. Ku`u Home I Pupukea                   Keith Haugen

23. In Your Eyes                                 Keith Haugen

24. Chasing Rainbows                         Keith Haugen

25. Growing Up                                  Keith Haugen

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26. Close Your Eyes (Haugen'sLullaby)   Keith Haugen
27. Brown Skin Woman                     Keith Haugen

28. The Love That Counts                  Keith Haugen

29. Ho`omaika`i                                 Keith Haugen

30. The Lei Maker                              Keith Haugen

31. Time                                             Keith Haugen / Leo Marchildon 

32  Minnesota Blue                             Keith Haugen

33. Whisper “Semper Fi,”
The Ballad of the Leatherneck
                Keith Haugen

34. Mokukaua                               Keith Haugen

35. `O Ka Lei La`i                         Keith Haugen

36. Ka`u Mea Aloha                      Keith Haugen

Ke Ali`i Wahine Aloha             Keith Haugen

38. Together Forever                     Keith Haugen

39. Ka Pua                                    Keith Haugen

40. Walking Through The Memories    Keith Haugen
     (Requiem For The Fallen)


SONG TITLE                        COMPOSER(S)

1. Ka Pua O Ke Aupuni              Keith Haugen

2. Ho`okahi Mapuna Hoe            Keith Haugen

3. E Lei I Ka Lei                         Keith Haugen

4. Moloka`i Komohana             Keith Haugen

5. Manoanoa                            Keith Haugen

6. Lana Ka Lehu                       Keith Haugen

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7. Aloha `ia O Lahainaluna        Keith Haugen

8. Ke Kanemanu O Nu`uanu     Keith Haugen

9. Kolea                                    Keith Haugen

10.In Bethlehem, A Christmas Rap   Keith Haugen

11. Christmas All Over The Islands      Carole Miguel and Keith Haugen

12.Ue Na Kanaka                      Na Keith Haugen i haku

Maria Christi                        J. M. Concannon

14 Po Hamau, Po Hemolele        Keith Haugen


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"Also See Songs By Composer Doug Baker"

Whisper "Semper Fi," The Ballad of the Leatherneck

Composed by Keith Haugen

He was sitting on a park bench, hunched and looking low
It was hard to imagine how he’d looked so long ago.
His beard was long and shaggy now; his sparse hair white as snow,
But his steel gray eyes were piercing, and I turned away to go.

He looked lonely and forgotten, and maybe homeless too,
Like life had dealt him a bad hand, maybe quite a few.
He was probably abandoned by those who didn’t care.
I wondered what had happened, what drove him to despair.

He said, “Son, I’m a Leatherneck, of wars before your time”
His eyes grew still more piercing as he looked deep into mine.
“Your uniform tells me you’re a Devil Dog, the man I’ve waited for,
And there’s something I want to tell you … things I’ve never said before.”

The tattoos on his weathered arm read “Mom” and “Semper Fi”
“Let’s sing our hymn together, son, once more before I die.”
As we sang of Montezuma’s halls and the shores of Tripoli,
The old man stood straight and tall, and he looked down at me.

“Bury me at Arlington, put an EGA upon my chest.
Tell all the world I died for them, that I was one of the best.
I was with the Fifth on Iwo, and I fought in Korea too.
During that ugly war in Vietnam, I stood proud and cheered for you.

“Get me a straight edge razor, lad, and give me a good clean shave.
I want to look my very best as I go to my grave.
Cut my hair, shine my boots, let me borrow your best blues.
You can have them back after I’m gone, and all my medals too.

I don’t want no flowers; an American flag will do.
My life was lived and given to the red and white and blue.
Whisper ‘Semper Fi,’ my boy, so loud that all will hear.
Fire them rifles in the air; they’re music to my ear.”

As he told me his last wishes, I saw him standing tall.
I could see the ribbons on his chest, in the light of the Mall.
And as he closed his steel gray eyes, I thought about the Corps.
He’d lived the life of a real Marine, who could ask for anything more?

“Whisper ‘Semper Fi,’ my lad,” his voice lingered in my mind.
I thought about all my buddies, those I’d left behind.
Today, I’d met a real Marine, a hero through and through,
Forgotten by his country, but not by me and you.

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To English Translation
Composed by Keith Haugen

Ua hele aku `o ia
Ka mokukaua nui
E hakaka a e ho`opau
I ka enemi o `Amelika

Ua ho`i mai `o ia
Ka mea lanakila
He ho`ailona no
Ka maluhia mau loa

Hui: Ha`awipio `oko`a
Na koa hae
Ma luna o kona papahele
Ua lanakila makou!

Kapa `ia no ka moku`aina
`O Mikouli la
He home lana no
Na luina koa he nui

Ua ho`i mai hou `o ia
E noho ma Pu`uloa
Hoapili me ka mokukaua
I ho`omaka ai ke kaua

English Translation
Composed by Keith Haugen

She went out                                                                                                      
The great battleship
To fight and destroy
The enemy of America

She returned
The victor
A sign of
Everlasting peace

Cho: The fierce warriors in
Unconditional surrender
On her deck
We won!

Named for the State
Of Missouri
A floating home for
So many fighting sailors

She returned again
To make her home at Pearl Harbor
Companion to the battleship
Where the war began.

Copyright 1998, C. Keith Haugen

Mokukaua is the first song written for and about the USS Missouri on whose
decks the Japanese surrendered at the end of World War II. The famous
battleship now sits near the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, where the
war began for the USA in 1941. The song has not yet been recorded
(May 1, 1999).

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By Keith Haugen

Protea, pua nani o Maui
Flower of Heaven
Protea, lovely queen of the flowers
Your name, for a god it was given
And you are soft as the morning mist on the mountains
Silky as a baby's hair
Like tails of precious mink and ermine
Your beauty is so rare
Like rays of golden summer sunshine
Graceful as a bird in flight
Red like the fire of volcanoes
And fireworks in the night
Protea, pretty flower of Maui
Flower of Heaven
Protea, most exotic of blossoms
Your name, for a god it was given
And you are soft as feathers, pink and white
With shimmering silver hair
Ageless, endless, everlasting
Your beauty is so rare
Exotic shapes in many sizes
Colors of every hue
Your beauty doesn't fade
Like the other flowers do
Protea, pua nani o Maui
Flower of Heaven
Protea, ever-changing beauty
Your name, for a god it was given
Protea, protea, protea
I want to touch you.

Copyright 1986, C. Keith Haugen

Although the protea has been around for 300 million years and is known in more than 1500 varieties, this is the first song every written about the flower, a beautiful and successful new product of Maui. It was named by Carl Linnaeus, the father of botanical classification, in 1735. Linnaeus called it protea, after the Greek God Proteus, mischievous son of King Neptune, who could change his shape at will. The flower was introduced to Maui from Australia in 1965 by Dr. Philip Parvin. Keith wrote this song at the urging of General (USAF Ret.) E. W. Rawlings, retired board chairman of General Mills, who suggested that such a song could help promote this new product of Hawai`i. It has been recorded by the composer, and by such well known recording artists as Rhonda, Diana Aki, and Pierre Grill, who recorded it as a classical piano solo.

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Crown Flower

(Pua Karauna) To English Translation

Composed by Keith Haugen

Pua Karauna
Punahele O Lili`u
Pua o Hawai`i
Kui i ka lei

Lei o Hawai`i
Pua karauna
Lei nani `oe
Ku`u milimili

Milimili `oe
Lei pohainani
Pua karauna
Punahele o Lili`u

Ha`ina ka puana
Pua li`ili`i
Lei o Lili`u
Pua karauna

English Translation

Crown Flower
(Pua Karauna)
Composed by Keith Haugen

Crown flower
Favorite of Lili`uokalani
Flower of Hawai`i
Strung into a lei

Lei of Hawai`i
Crown flower
You are a beautiful lei
My favorite (plaything)

You're my favorite
Beautiful encircling lei
Crown flower
Favorite of Lili`uokalani

Tell the refrain
Little flower
Lei of Lili`uokalani
Crown flower

Copyright 1978, C. Keith Haugen

Crown Flower is about the favorite flower of Her Majesty, Queen Lili`uokalani. It was premiered at the Queen's home, Washington Place, on the occasion of her birthday in 1978, and released the following year by Keith & Carmen. It has also been recorded by the popular Lim Family. It is in the waltz tempo popular during the reign of Lili`uokalani. Note that the last word of each verse is repeated in the first line of the next verse and the title of the song is the first line of the first verse, second line of the second verse and so on.

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Mokupuni Nui

Na Keith Haugen i haku   To English Translation

Kaulana, ka mokupuni o Keawe
Kilakila, na mauna ki`eki`e
Ha`aheo i ka makani a `o Kona
E Hawai`i, ka `aina o kahiko

Hawai`i nui, ka `aina o ka Mo`i
`Aina uluwehi i ka ua a `o Hilo

Ha`ina `ia mai ana ka puana
Ka mo`oleo o ka mokupuni nui
Ho`omana`o ('ia) i na mele a me na oli
E Hawai`i, ka `aina o kahiko

E Hawai`i, ka mokupuni nui.


Big Island

By Keith Haugen

Famous, the Island of Keawe
Majestic, the highest mountains
Proud in the winds of Kona
Hawai`i, the land of old

Big Hawai`i, the land of the King
Lush land, in the rain of Hilo

Tell again the refrain
The story of the Big Island
Remembered in songs and chants
Hawai`i, the land of old.

Hawai`i, the Big Island

Copyright 1978, C. Keith Haugen

"Mokupuni Nui" was written on a 20-minute Aloha Airlines' flight from Maui to Honolulu in 1978. It tells of the many famous attributes of the Island of Hawai`i. Although it was first recorded and release by Keith & Carmen in 1979 (Pumehana Records, PS-4914), the song didn't really gain popularity until the 1996 release by Big Island slack-key guitarist Led Ka`apana on an album called "Nahenahe." (Kahale Music, KMI 2201). Keith wrote this in response to questions from fans about the Haugens' ties to the Big Island. Carmen's Hawaiian ancestors came from Hawai`i many years ago, but has lived on Maui for many generations.

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Cease Fire, a Christmas Song

By Keith Haugen

Not far from where the Christ Child lay
Men are killing men today
While we talk of peace on earth, goodwill to men
Bombs and rockets light the sky
Where angels once sang on high
And we supply the weapons that spell their bloody end.

If you listen, you can still hear the angels
It matters not where you may be
You might even hear God's own voice commanding:
"Cease Fire! Let My people be."

Somewhere on this blessed eart
There's been trouble since before His birth
Men cried out, but we ignored their pleas.
But when it's Christmas everywhere
We raise our voice in common prayer
For an end to war, for everlasting peace.

If you listen, you can still hear the angels
It matters not where you may be
You might even hear God's own voice commanding:
"Cease Fire! Set My people free."

So listen, leaders of every land
It's time to stop and take a stand
Peace and love are gifts that you should give
If dreams of peace should now come true
The world will send it's thanks to you
Cease Fire! Let all God's children live.

If you listen, you can still hear the angels
It matters not where you may be
You might even hear God's own voice commanding:
"Cease Fire! Come celebrate with me."

Copyright 1987, C. Keith Haugen

This was written when Iraq and Iran were fighting each other and the USA was supplying weapons to both sides. It's another in the series of Christmas songs and was released first as the title song of an extended play cassette single (five songs) in 1988, and again in 1996 on "The Village Where I Went To School."

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Growing Up
By Keith Haugen

Children laughing (children laughing)
Children playing (children playing)
Making shadows with their hands.
Children happy (children happy)
Children smiling (children smiling)
As they stroll by hand in hand.
Children dreaming (children dreaming)
Children scheming (children scheming)
Children playing "Let's Pretend."
Having no fear, when Daddy is near
Happy children, growing up.
Children walking (children walking)
Children talking (children talking)
Kicking bare feet in the sand
Having no fear, when Daddy is near
Happy children, growing up.
Happy children, growing up.

Copyright 1978, C. Keith Haugen

Inspired by happy children, playing and shouting, laughing and talking, "Growing Up" is intended to be a children's song. It was recorded by Keith & Carmen on their "Chasing Rainbows"album in 1979.

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In Bethlehem, A Christmas Rap

By Keith Haugen

I was walking through Bethlehem one cold night
Up in the sky a star shone bright
I rushed to the stable, as fast as I was able
To see what caused this great bright light
There in a manger, safe from all danger
Lay a baby all wrapped in clothes so white
And a whole new system of time began
With the birth of this Holy God-like man
Angels' voices were singing in the sky
About that time some shepherds came by
There were cattle and sheep, no one could sleep
And the whole world waited to hear his cry
Three wise men came with gifts so bold
Frankincense, myrrh and even some gold
For the baby they said would someday be
The Savior of the world, just wait and see
The Blessed Mother, Mary was her name
A Holy Virgin who knew not shame
And Joseph, her man, stood by her side
Proud as could be of his beautiful bride
And high above, a God of love
Looked down on them and sent a dove
He made a promise for all who care
Of life eternal for those who share
So every year at Christmas time
I'll add another prayer to this little rhyme
And if I live a righteous life,
Avoiding conflict, war and strife,
I know that someday I will be
In heaven with Him, just wait and see
But for today, let's celebrate
It's Christmas time, and life is great!

Copyright 1995, C. Keith Haugen

This is the first and only rap song that Keith has written. It was done specifically for the Star of the Sea School Christmas Concert and was premiered at that concert in 1995, rapped by Sixth Grade students, who were into "rapping" at that time. It has not been recorded commercially

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.In Your Eyes

By Keith Haugen

In your eyes I see love
I see dreams of days gone by
Dreams that make you cry
Dreams that never die
In your eyes, I see love

Reflections of a past
Loves that couldn't last
I see all of these things
In your eyes
Dreams of days gone by
Of loves that made you cry
I see all of these things in your eyes

In your eyes I see me
I see you and me together
Two of us forever
A love that never dies
In your eyes, I see love.

Copyright 1978, C. Keith Haugen

Keith started writing this song in the early 1960s, inspired by a photo contest theme in Japan. He finished it in 1977 and dedicated it to Carmen. They'd both been in love before and when she looked at him, she wondered what he was thinking. . . what he saw in her eyes. This was first recorded in 1979 ("Chasing Rainbows") and was later translated into Hawaiian by Carmen's Uncle Jimmy Kaholokula and recorded by Carmen as "E `Ike Mai," in 1981.

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Merry Christmas One & All

By Keith Haugen

May every lighted Christmas tree
And every candle's glow
Reflect the joy of Jesus' birth so long, long ago
And though the world is troubled now,
May we celebrate his birth
With a day of love for everyone;
A day of peace for everyone.

Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas, one and all

May your Christmas Day be brighter
Than the brightest star above
May the holidays enfold you
With an everlasting love
May the happy songs of Christmas
Fill your home with special cheer
And echo loud o'er every land
Throughout the coming year.

Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas, one and all

Copyright 1987, C. Keith Haugen

"Merry Christmas One & All" is another in the series of Christmas songs by Keith Haugen and it was recorded and released in 1988 by Island Viking, in an a cappella recording by Keith and the Sugar Cane Express barbershop quartet.

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`O Ka Lei La`i

Na Keith Haugen I haku   To English Translation

`O ka lei la`i i wili `ia
Me na pua nani like `ole
`O ka lei la`i i wili `ia
Me na pua nani o Hawai`i

He lei ma`amau i keia la
Ha`awi `ia me ke aloha
He lei `oma`oma`o kulo`ihi no
E like me ke aloha `oia`i`o

E koho kaua i kekahi mau pua
A e haku me ka lau lihau
He ho`ailona aloha a kaua
A he lei la`i forever.

`O Ka Lei La`i
(the Ti Leaf Lei)


By Keith Haugen

The ti leaf lei is entwined
With a variety of pretty flowers
The ti leaf lei is entwined
With the beautiful flowers of Hawai`i

A common lei today
Given with love
A long lasting green lei
Like true love

Let' you and I select some flowers
And weave them with moist leaves
A sign of our love
Like a ti leaf lei forever.

Copyright 1999, C. Keith Haugen

This is the first song ever written for the popular ti leaf lei, a relatively new Hawaiian lei. It was premiered by the Fourth Grade classes in the 1999 Lei Day program at the Star of the Sea School, where the composer teaches music and Hawaiian language.

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The Love That Counts

By Keith Haugen

There's a song I'd like to sing you
But it's all about a love that I once knew
There's a story that I'd tell you
But telling it would only make me blue
And the poem that I wrote for her
Was written long before I met you
You know how much I love you
But the things that I have done
Before we got together
Will always be around
To remind us of another love I've known

I've been around, that's no secret
And reminders of my past are always here
But I love you, and that's no secret
And that's the love the counts
When you are near

There's a place we used to call our own
It's just about a country mile from here
And a special day we'd celebrate
And yes, it still comes 'round once a year
And the pictures in the album
Still somehow seem to bring a little tear
You know how much I love you
But the things that I have done
Before we got together
Will always be around
To remind us of another love I've known.

Copyright 1976, C. Keith Haugen

Orignally written as "I've Been Around," this was Keith's first "country" song. It was released in Minnesota as part of a 1985 Keith & Carmen Haugen concert in the state of his birth. It was released on the flip side of a 45 rpm single that featured "Minnesota Blue." It was later included on the LP "The Village Where I Went to School" (1996).

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By Keith Haugen and Leo Marchildon

There's always too little of it,
And it slips away so fast.
Sometimes it's all we have,
And no way to make it last.
We never know how much there is,
Or how long before it's gone;
We know that we have no more,
We cannot carry on.
We count its passing carefully,
As if its length we knew,
In years and months, weeks and days,
To mention but a few.
I spend a lot of it loving,
Caring, sharing and such;
And give it to my dearest friends,
Those I love so much.
And when it's gone, we wonder
Just exactly where it went.
I've no idea, but I know
Mine must have been well spent.

Copyright 1993, C. Keith Haugen

"Time" was written for Hal Rosoff, when Keith learned that Hal was terminally ill and had little time left. It was first published under the name Hans Christian Haugen, the nom de plume Keith uses for poetry. Hollywood composer Leo Marchildon read the framed poem on the office wall of Fr. Dennis Steik, and asked permission to set it to music. He did, and it was recorded in 1998 by Stephen McDonough with the Leo Marchildon Orchestra and Chorus. It is part of a compilation of inspiration writings that includes some of the most famous--from "Footprints" to the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi.

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He Makana Mai Ke`ali`i

Na Keith Haugen i haku    To Translation

Kaulana Na Kula Kamehameha
I ka uka o Kapalama
He makana mai ke ali`i
Mau ke aloha no Pauahi

Hui:  He makana keia mai ke ali`i
        No na kamali`i o Hawai`i
        Mahalo ia `oe, e ali`i nui
        `O Pauahi nou kou inoa

Ke kula nui i ka uka
I `ike aku ia Kalilhi
Ho`oheno i ka mana`o
Na keiki o ka `aina

He`ina mai ana ka puana
He makana nui o Pauahi
E mau ke `ao`ao Hawai`i
I kona aloha mau

He Makana Mai Ke Ali`i
(the gift from the chief)    Translation

By Keith Haugen

Famous are The Kamehameha Schools
In the uplands of Kapalama
A gift from the chief
Love always for Pauahi

Cho:     This is a gift from our chief
            For you, the children of Hawai`i
            We thank you, great leader
            Pauahi is your name

The great school in the upland
That looks upon Kalihi
Cherished in the thoughts
(of) the children of the land

Tell the story
(of) the great gift of Pauahi
May the Hawaiian way be preserved
By her everlasting love

Copyright 1986, C. Keith Haugen

Keith wrote "He Makana Mai Ke Ali`i in 1986 for the 100th anniversary of The Kamehameha Schools and it was the first of the many songs entered in that songwriting competition to be recorded. It was first recorded by Diana Aki, a Hoku Award winning Female Vocalist of the Year from the Big Island, on her Precious Hawai`i album. Carmen and Keith also recorded it on `Ukulele Lady, with slack-key guitar accompaniment by Albert Ka`ai.

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By Keith Haugen     To Translation

E ka Makua Lani
Ho`onani `ia Kou Inoa
Ho`omaika`i mai `Oe
I keia mau mea `ai

Ho`omaika`i mai `Oe, e Ka Haku
Ho`omaika`i mai `Oe
Ho`omaika`i mai `Oe, e Ka Haku
Ho`omaika`i `O Iesu

Hanu mai o Kou aloha
I loko o keia hale
He pule keia
Ma kainoa o Iesu Kristo

Ho`omaika`i `Oe
I Kou hoaaloha
Ho`omaika`i `Oe
Na mea a pau

Ke nana aku nei
Makou ia `Oe
No Kou aloha
A me Kou Pomaika`i


(Blessing)     Translation

Our Heavenly Father
Praised be Thy name
Bless Thou
This food

Bless Thou, Lord
Bless Thou
Bless Thou, Lord
Blessing of Jesus

Breathe Your love
Into this house
This is our prayer
In the name of Jesus Christ

Bless Thou
All Thy friends
Bless Thou
All things

We look
To Thee
For Your love
And Your blessing

Copyright 1978, C. Keith Haugen

Feeling a need for a Hawaiian blessing that could be sung before meals (in lieu of the foreign language blessings that had been translated into Hawaiian and traditionally sung by all) the composer wrote this simple Hawaiian hymn. It's a prayer, a hymn, a blessing, and it was premiered in a concert at Kilohana United Methodist Church in February 1979. Any verse can be sung with the chorus, making the song appropriate for a blessing before a meal, if that is the desired purpose, or at the blessing of a home, etc.

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IKa La `Apopo

Na Keith Haugen i haku    To Translation

E ala e na Hawai`I, e ala e na pua
E koi mai `oukou I na mea e pono ai

Ue na kanaka no ko lakou ali`i
Ue lakou no ke kahuli `ana
Ua hala lakou a me ka mo`i
Koe ka `aina nei wale no ho`i

Ue ka `oiwi no kona mea nui
Ue `o ia no ka mea nalowale
Ue `o ia no na `eha o ka `aina
Koe na `eha o keia la

E ala e na Hawai`i, e ala e na pua
E koi mai `oukou i na mea e pono ai

Hu mai ke aloha no keia `aina nei
Mai ke ka huli `ana a ke ea hou
E ku hou ana na keiki o ka `aina
A kahea aku no ke ku`oko`a

Pono kakou e malama i ka `aina
Pono kakou e kako`o i na pua
E `imi a loa`a ka ha`ina pono
E ho`i mai ana ke ea i ka `apopo

E ala e na Hawai`i, e ala e na pua
E koi mai `oukou i na mea e pono ai

E ho`i mai ana ke ea i ka la `apopo
E ho`i mai ana ke ea i ka la `apopo

I Ka La `Apopo

(Tomorrow)     Translation

By Keith Haugen

Rise up Hawaiians, rise up descendants
Claim your rightful things

The peple cry for their queen
They cry because of the overthrow
They have passed on, also the monarch
Indeed, only the land remains

The native cries for his important thing
He cries for the thing which was lost
He cries for the hurts of the land
The hurts of today remain

Rise up Hawaiians, rise up descendants
Claim your rightful things

Love for this land swells forth
From the overthrow until the new independence
The children of the land will rise up again
And call out for the freedom

We should care for the land
We should support the children
Search and find the right solution
Sovereignty will return tomorrow

Rise up Hawaiians, rise up descendants
Claim your rightful things

Sovereignty will return tomorrow
Sovereignty will return tomorrow

Copyright 1993, C. Keith Haugen

The composer tied for first place in a 1993 Friends of the Royal Hawaiian Band ho`okuku mele (song contest) for new Hawaiian lyric songs about the 1893 overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy and the sovereignty movement of today with "I Ka La `Apopo." It is both chanted and sung, employing the popular genre of both eras. The first recording of the mele, also known as "Ue Na Kanaka," was on "`Ukulele Lady" by Keith & Carmen.

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Ka Makana O Pauahi

Na Keith Haugen i haku    To Translation

Ua noho `o ia i ka malu
O ka `opiuma i Haleakala
Hoa kukaiI ka lehulehu
Kaulana Pauahi i kou inoa

Hui: `Oli e! `oli e!
Mau ke aloha no Pauahi
`Oli e! `oli e!
Kou inoa hanohano `ia la

Hali`ali`a wale mai no
Ka makana mai ke ali`i
He ali`i hanohano o Hawai`i
A me ka leo na`auao

Nalowale `o Haleakala
Ua pau ka hana o Pauahi
E mau kona makana
No na pua o keia `aina

Ka Makana O Pauahi
(The gift of Pauahi)     Translation
By Keith Haugen    

She is sitting in the shade
Of tamarind at Haleakala
Adviser to the people
Honored is the name of Pauahi

Cho: Rejoice! Rejoice!
Love always for Pauahi
Rejoice! Rejoice!
This for the glory of her name

Remember fondly
The gift from the chief
An honored chief of Hawai`i
With the voice of wisdom

Gone is Haleakala
Pauahi's work is finished
(but) her gift is forever
For the children of this land

Copyright 1986, C. Keith Haugen

"Ka Makana O Pauahi" was written for a Kamehameha Schools-sponsored songwriting contest in 1986. Haleakala was the name of the Princess' home at Bishop and King streets in Downtown Honolulu where we now find Tamarind Park. It was there that Pauahi sat in the shade of the tamarind tree (`opiuma) and gave counsel to her people. Keith & Carmen recorded this on `Ukulele Lady.

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Ka Wai `Awa`awa

By Larry Kimura and Keith Haugen     To Translation

"I mua, a inu i ka wai `awa`awa"
I ke ala nei a kakou e ka`i nei
"Na wai ka `ole o ke akamai
I ke ala i ma`a i ka hele `ia e o`u mau kupuna"

`Elua wale no `olua i ke ala ehu lepo
`O ka pohuehue ke kapa i nalo ai
I ka hu, ka pi`i a ke kai ko`o
Ko`ko`o iho a helu i ka nalu i ke ku`i `opihi
`Elua wale no `olua i ka hihia o ke kiawe
E alo ana i ka papa a ka la
`Ekolu makou, he mano, he kini, he lehulehu
He laupa`i i ka po`i a na `ale
Na `ale kai o ke kai Alaikahiki
No Kahiki mai a pae he `aina
He noho i ke kau a i kekahi kau
A hiki mai ka wa o ka ho`olawe
`O ka ho`olawe pau koe mai he `uhane
He `uhane e ui mai nei:
He wahi anei ko kakou e ho`olulu ai?

Ka Wai `Awa`awa
(The Bitter Water)     Translation

"Forward, and drink the bitter water"
On this path on which we are directing ourselves
"Why should one not know
On the path so well traveled by my ancestors?"

There were only two of you on the dusty path
The pohuehue is a blanket which conceals your tracks
In the surging, rising, turbulent sea
You sustained yourselves by counting the waves while gathering `opihi
There were only two of you in the entangled kiawe
Escaping the scorching sun
There are three of us, thousands, too numerous
A great many in the crests of the waves
Waves from the sea Alaikahiki
It was from Kahiki we came and beached
There was life from season to season
Til a time of taking away
Everything was taken save for a spirit
A spirit that asks:
Do we have a place to rest upon?

Copyright 1979, C. Keith Haugen

Written in 1976 as an untitled poem for Emmet Aluli and Walter Ritte when the two were on the Island of Kaho`olawe, this songs asks a question of growing importance to the Hawaiians of today. Lyricist/poet Larry Lindsey Kauanoe Kimura, who was teaching Hawaiian language and poetry at the University of Hawai`I a Manoa, borrowed two relevant quotes from the past. The first, taken from King Kamehameha the Great, gives the song its title. The second, a question asked by so many young Hawaiians was from Kamehameha III. Larry intended the poem for publication as a letter to the editor, but when newspaper policy prohibited such use, Keith suggested that his friend, George Helm, set it to music. But Helm disappeared before he got to it, so Keith took it upon himself to write the music and arrange it as a song.  It was recorded on the "Chasing Rainbows" album.

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Maua Pu
By James K. Kaholokula and Keith Haugen     To Translation

Maua pu, maua pu
Ke ho`a`o nei, ke ha`awi nei
Maua pu, maua pu
Ke ha`awi nei, ke ho`a`o nei

E ho`olohe mai,
A lalawe i keia mau waiwai
I ho`olilio wale no
I loko i kou mana`o

E aloha mai ia maua pu
Ahe waiwai nui no neia po

Ha`ina mai no maua pu
Waiwai nui nanowale `ole
Ha`awi a lilo, ha`awi a lilo
A lilo `ole

Maua Pu
(Just We Two)     Translation

Just we two, just we two
Trying so, giving so
Just we two, just we two
Giving so, trying so

And take these riches
To squander only
In one's thought

Love us both
For there are riches in store tonight

The meaning of our song
Riches that can't be lost
To give, and give
And it's still there.

Copyright 1979, C. Keith Haugen

These lyrics were a gift from famous Kaua`i composer James Kaholokula, Carmen's uncle, to Keith & Carmen. In terms of musical contributions, Uncle Jimmy is the most well known of Carmen's huge Maui `ohana. Jimmy tells in this song how the two performers, then known as "Maua," give and give, yet never lose what they give so freely--their talents. Keith wrote the music.

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`O Ka Wehi `O Kawehi
Na Keith Haugen i haku     To Translation

I ku`u wehi nani, e lei mau nei
I lei ho`owehi no Hawai`i nei

I laila ma Manoa, a`o i ka `olelo
I lei ho`owehi no Hawai`i nei

Wehiwehi ka `aina
I ke aloha o Kawehi

Aia I Kalihi, ho`onani i ke `alohi
I lei ho`owehi no Hawai`i nei

Aia I ka punana, kokua i na keiki
I lei ho`owehi no Hawai`i nei

Wehiwehi ka `aina
I ke aloha o Kawehi

Noho (`o ia) ma Ka`a`awa, a pulama i ka ipo
I lei ho`owehi no Hawai`I nei

Ho`I mai (`o ia) i Wai`alae, kona home hanau
I lei ho`owehi no Hawai`i nei

Wehiwehi ka `aina
I ke aloha o Kawehi

Kipa mai i Waikiki, a e hula no na hoa
I lei ho`owehi no Hawai`i nei

Ma ka lo`i o Kanewai, malama (`o ia) i ka `aina
I lei ho`owehi no Hawai`i nei

Wehiwehi ka `aina
I ke aloha o Kawehi

Ha`ina kou wehi, ka wehi no Kawehi
I lei ho`owehi no Hawai`i nei

`O ka wehi `O Kawehi

`O Ka Wehi `O Kawehi
By Keith Haugen

(Kawehi is the adornment)     Translation

My beautiful ornament to be worn forever as a lei
As a lei to adorn Hawai`i

There at Manoa, teaching the language
As a lei to adorn Hawai`i

The land is adorned
With the love of Kawehi

There at Kalihi, making pretty the brightness (Ke`alohi)
As a lei to adorn Hawai`i

There at the nest (Punana leo), she helps the children
As a lei to adorn Hawai`i

The land is adorned
With the love of Kawehi

She lives at Ka`a`awa, and cherishes her sweetheart (Kaipo)
As a lei to adorn Hawai`i

She returns to Wai`alae, her birthplace
As a lei to adorn Hawai`i

The land is adorned
With the love of Kawehi

She visits Waikiki, and dances for friends (Nahoa)
As a lei to adorn Hawai`i

At the Kanewai taro patch, she cares for the land
As a lei to adorn Hawai`i

The land is adorned
With the love of Kawehi

Sing the adornment, the love song of Kawehi
As a lei to adorn Hawai`i

Kawehi is the adornment.

Copyright 1995, C. Keith Haugen

Keith wrote this song as a play on words when he was studying Hawaiian language under Kawehi Lucas at the University of Hawai`i at Manoa. The song tell of this very dedicated teacher, with each verse devoted to a different aspect of her life, from teaching Hawaiian at the university, to caring for her loved ones?and the land. Nahoa is her husband; Ke`alohi, their daughter; Kaipo, their son. Punana refers to Punana Leo, where she helped the children by teaching Hawaiian to their parents; and the taro patch reference is for ka lo`i kalo `o Kanewai, which she helped rebuild and then fought to protect from the developers. "`O Ka Wehi `O Kawehi" is dedicated to Nahoa, Ke`alohi, Kaipo . . .and, of course, to Kawehi . . a me ko lakou `aina . . . me ke aloha.

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The Christmas Prayer

By Keith Haugen

It was Christmas time in the city
The snow fell soft and white
The children were playing; their mothers were saying
That Santa was coming tonight.
The family all would be over
There'd be music and dancing and fun
They all would be there; there'd be presents to share
Something special for everyone.

But in one dark home in the ghetto
A little boy knelt down to pray
The cupboards were bare; no one seemed to care
And Christmas seemed so far away.
He knew he would never see Santa
And he only wanted one thing
He didn't want toys, like all other boys,
He just wanted the doorbell to ring.

"Please remember my Grandma
Give her a comb for her hair.
I want her to know that I love her so,"
Then a tear interrupted his prayer.
"Save something special for Daddy,
Even though he's so far away.
He promised you see, to be here with me,
To celebrate some Christmas Day."

The neighborhood parties were over.
Another Christmas was past.
Then a voice at the door, he knew from before,
His Daddy had come home at last.
In his arms there were bags full of presents
He quickly put down on the floor.
Then this blind little lad was in the arms of his Dad
Who could ask for anything more?

He knew he would never see Santa
But somehow he just didn't care
His Christmas prayer had been answered,
Now that his Daddy was there.

Copyright 1985, C. Keith Haugen

"The Christmas Prayer" was written for a song contest in 1985 and was subsequently recorded on Island Viking Records (by Keith & Carmen, Stanton K. Haugen, Guy Tseu, Ed Roy and Nanilisa Pascua). It was released in 1988 on "Cease Fire and Other New Christmas Songs" and was re-released in 1996 on "The Village Where I Went To School" by Keith & Carmen.

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Christmas All Over The Islands

By Carole Miguel and Keith Haugen

Christmas Day in Hanalei, a single church bell chimes
Carols now on Ni`ihau, are sung like olden times
Twinkling lights sparkle bright, along O`ahu's shore
In the sky above Lana`i, a star shines bright once more.

Cho: It's Christmas all over the Islands
We celebrate this special date
From different points of view
It's Christmas all over the Islands
But on this day, as one we say
Merry Christmas to you.

A golden ray begins the day on Haleakala
Lehua strands create a garland wreath at Honoka`a
A lullaby on Moloka`i calms a sleepless child
And everywhere you hear a prayer for peace and mercy mild.

Copyright 1987, C. Keith Haugen

Inspired by Keith's "It's Christmas (All Over The World)," Carole Miguel wrote these beautiful lyrics and brought them to Keith to write the music. He did and the song won an honorable mention in the KCCN/Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center Christmas Songwriting Contest. It has not been commercially recorded yet, but has been a standard for more than ten Christmases. Yes, she's the same Carole Miguel who teamed up with Keith to write the beautiful "O`ahu," which has been recorded and recleased commercially by several artists.

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E`Ike Mai

By Keith Haugen and James K. Kaholokula Sr.

`O ke aloha e `ike mai
Moe `uhane o ka la i hala
Moe ino ke ue nei
Moe `uhane e ho`omau nei
O ke aloha e `ike mai
Hui: `O keaka keaka i hala
Ke aloha e ku e ma
O ka maka e `ike mai
E `ike mai
Moe uhane o ka la i hala
O ka ino ke ue nei
O ka maka e `ike mai
E `ike mai

`O ke aloha e ike mai
E `ike mau ia maua pu
Maua pu a mau loa
O ke aloha e lilo `ole
O ke aloha i hiki mai

Copyright 1981, C. Keith Haugen

"E `Ike Mai" is a Hawaiian "translation" to Keith's composition "In Your Eyes" by James K. Kaholokula Sr., composer of many famous Hawaiian lyric songs. After Keith & Carmen recorded "In Your Eyes" on their "Chasing Rainbows" album in 1979, many fellow composers and entertainers suggested that he should translate the song into Hawaiian. Keith asked Carmen's Uncle Jimmy to do the translation and "E `Ike Mai" is the result. It was first recorded by Carmen on a Pumehana Records 45 rpm single (Pumehana 416) on the flip side of Albert Kaleikini's "Lahainaluna" (the alma mater), which K&C released as part of the famous school's 150th anniversary. "E `Ike Mai" was later re-released on both "Keith & Carmen at the Royal" LP and on the "Looking Back" anthology

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Together Forever

By Keith Haugen

Every year we're together, I love you
Every month, every week, every day
Our love is what keeps us together,
And I promise, together we'll stay

      Cho: Every day, I love you, every day I care
      Every hour is precious, it's our time to share
      For you are my sweetheart, my angel, my wife
      Please say that you'll love me, for the rest of my life

Every hour we're apart is forever
Every minute, ever second is pain
Don't ever forget that I love you,
And I promise that I'll do the same

Copyright 1998, C. Keith Haugen

"Together Forever" was written in part, to an old melody, a traditional Hawaiian tune of unknown origin, from the 1800s. It was introduced by Keith & Carmen at their February 14, 1998 Valentine's Day concerts (first one was sold out, so a second one was added) at the Atherton Performing Arts Studio in Honolulu. The song was called an "Untitled Love Song" and concert goers were invited to suggest a name for the song. Keith & Carmen sing "Together Forever" in a medley with "Pulupe Nei `Ili i Ke Anu."

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Maria Christi

J. M. Concannon

Refrain:    Hail Mary, Mary of Christ, Merry Christmas to you
               Hail Mary, Mary of Christ, give us your blessing, please do

You have journeyed, heavily burdened, from Nazareth away so far
To a stable here in Bethlehem, unaware of the guiding star

Refrain:    Hail Mary, Queen of the Angels, Merry Christmas to you
               Hail Mary, Mary of Christ, give us your blessing, please do

Cold and weary, tended by Joseph, on your bed of straw and hay
You fulfilled the promise of ages, giving us our first Christmas Day

Refrain:    Hail Mary, Mother of Jesus, Merry Christmas to you
               Hail Mary, Mary of Christ, give us your blessing, please do

Then the angels told the shepherds and the magi followed the light
Soon the world would know that Mary gave birth to our Savior that night

Refrain:    Hail Mary, Star of the Sea, Merry Christmas to you
               Hail Mary, Mary of Christ, give us your blessing, please do

Copyright 1996, J.M. Concannon

While practicing for the annual Star of the Sea School Christmas concert, Keith Haugen was approached by one of his student choir members, Mina May, who asked why they didn't sing any Christmas songs about Mary, the Star of the Sea. Keith said he didn't know of any, but would research it. The following year, Mina asked again. If you can't find any, why don't you write one, she told her music teacher/composer. Keith related this story to James M. Concannon, whose son of the same name is married to K&C's eldest, Cathy.

That night, an inspired teacher named Jim Concannon wrote his first (and only) song. He awoke in the middle of the night and couldn't get the thought out of his mind. He wrote the lyrics and went back to bed. A few hours later, he was up again and he set the lyrics to music, singing them into a cassette recorder. Later that day, he presented Keith with a cassette tape of the song and asked him to edit it. Keith taught it to his school choir and they premiered it in the 1996 Christmas concert. The entire school and congregation saluted Mr. Concannon at that concert, and they kept in touch with him throughout the rest of his life. He left us with a beautiful new Star of the Sea Christmas song. Merry Christmas, Jim.

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Ke Ali`i Wahine Aloha      (to english translation)

Na Keith Haugen i haku

Noho `o ia ma laila
Po`ai pu `ia me ka nani
Ho`okani i ke kika
I na mele nani no

Noho `o ia me na pua
Mahele `ia kona mana`o
`Oiai (`o ia) e himeni `ana
I ke mele ana i haku (ai)

Hui:    Ke Ali`i Wahine Aloha
         `Ike `ia ma o a o
         He hakumele kaulana
         Mai ka mokupuni o Maui

Haku `o ia i na mele no
Laupahoehoe a me na keiki
Ka hoe `ana a me Puamana
Kona home ma ke kai

No Lahaina mai `o ia
Kapa `ia `o Keali`i
Keali`i o Puamana
He wahine `olu o Maui

Hui:     E maliu mai `oe,
           Wahi a Kahalepouli
           `O keia `anake nani
           No Maui no ka `oi

Ha`ina `ia mai
Ana ka puana la
He inoa no Keali`i
Ke ali`i o Puamana


Tag: Keali`i Wahine Aloha mai ka mokupuni o Maui.

Ke Ali`i Wahine Aloha   (Translation)

By Keith Haugen

She sits there
Surrounds with beauty
Playing her guitar
Beautiful songs

She sits among the flowers
Sharing her thoughts
While singing
The music she has written

Cho:    Ke Ali`i Wahine Aloha
           Known everywhere
           A famous composer
           From the Island of Maui

She writes songs about
Laupahoehoe, and children,
Paddling and Puamana,
Her home by the sea

She comes from Lahaina
She is called Ke Ali`i
Keali`i of Puamana
A gracious lady of Maui

Cho:    Listen to me,
           Says Kahalepouli
           This beautiful Auntie
           Of Maui, the best

The story
Is told anew
Your name is Ke ali`i
Ke ali`i of Puamana


Tag: Ke Ali`i Wahine Aloha from the Island of Maui.

Copyright 1996, C. Keith Haugen

"Ke Ali`i Wahine Aloha," a hula song, was written for and about Auntie Irmgard Farden Aluli, the famous composer and a longtime friend of Keith & Carmen. It was a gift on her 85th birthday and the premier performance was at a special Society of Arts & Letters banquet (at the Pacific Club in Honolulu) at which Irmgard was honored. In the first verse, the beauty she surrounds herself with is her group Puamana--her daughters, Mihana and Aima, and her niece, Luana. Ke Ali`i Wahine Aloha is part of a Hawaiian name given her by her good friend, Napua Stevens Poire. Kahalepouli is another of her middle names. In the middle of the song, lyrics refer to her famous song about Laupahoehoe, children, canoe paddling ("Ka I Ka Hoe") and "Puamana," her signature tune about her family home where she was raised in Lahaina.

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Ue Na Kanaka

Na Keith Haugen i haku

Ue na kanaka no ko lakou ali`i
Ue lakou no ke kahuli `ana
Ua hala lakou a me ka mo`i
Koe ka `aina nei wale no ho`i
Ue ka `oiwi no kona mea nui
Ue `o ia no ka mea nalowale
Ue `o ia no na `eha o ka `aina
Koe na `eha o keia la
E ala e na Hawai`i, e ala e na pua
E koi mai `oukou i na mea e pono ai
Hu mai ke aloha no keia `aina nei
Mai ke kahuli `ana a ke ea hou
E ku hou ana na keiki o ka `aina
A kahea no ke ku`oko`a
Pono kakou ke malama i ka `aina
Pono kakou ke kako`o i na pua
E `imi a loa`a ka ha`ina pono
E ho`I ana ke ea i ka la `apopo
E ala e na Hawai`i, e ala e na pua
E koi mai `oukou i na mea e pono ai

Copyright 1993, C. Keith Haugen

"Ue Na Kanaka" is the first chant ever written by Keith Haugen. It was written in 1993 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarch and the call for Hawaiians to rise up and claim what is theirs. The words of this chant were used in the award-winning song, "I Ka La `Apopo," (see I Ka La `Apopo for translation) which won first place in the 1993 song contest sponsored by the Friends of the Royal Hawaiian Band.

See `Ukulele Lady CD.

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Po Hamau, Po Hemolele
("Stille Nacht, Heil'ge Nacht")

Po hamau, po hemolele
Malie na mea a pau a ke`alohi
E puni Laua `ano Akua
Keiki Hemolele me lauoho pi`ipi`i
Moe me ka maluhia lani
Moe me ka malunia lani

Po hamau, po hemolele
Keiki a ke Akua, ka hulili aloha
Kukuna `olinolino mai Kou hemolele
Me ke alaula a ke aloha
Iesu, ka haku ma ka hanau `ia
Iesu, ka haku ma ka hanau `ia

Po hamau, po hemolele
Lawe mai `ia ka lama lokomaika`i
Mai ka lani kua ka`a mai
Hiki mai ka nanaina hanohano
Iesu, he kanaka no ho`i
Iesu, he kanaka no ho`i

Po hamau, po hemolele
Me kona aloha, me kona ikaika
Ua aloha ka Makua ia makou
E like me kekahi kua`ana
Iesu, na lahui i ka honua
Iesu, na lahui i ka honua

Po hamau, po hemolele
I ka wa ma mua, hanai ke Akua
Noa ke Akua i ko ke ao pilikia
Nana kupuna i kauoha i kela manawa
Ola `ia ke ao wale no
Ola `ia ke ao wale no

Po hamau, po hemolele
Nana na kahuhipa i ka `ike kamaha`o
Na `anela i mele ai i ka haleluia
Kahea akaaka ma na wahi a pau
Hanau `ia `o Kristo ka haku
Hanau `ia `o Kristo ka haku

Copyright 1999, C. Keith Haugen

Na Keith Haugen i unuhi i keia mele mai na hua`oleo kumu, `o ia ho`i, ke mele i kapa `ia `o "Stille Nacht, Heil'ge Nacht" i ka `olelo Kelemania. Haku `ia kela mela mua e Kahu Joseph Mohr i ka MH 1916. Na Kahu Franz Gruber i ho`onui ai i ka leo kaulana i ka MH 1818. Na John Freeman Young i unuhi ia i ka `olelo Pelekane i ka wa ma mua. Nui na unuhi mai kela mele Pelekane i na `olelo haole like `ole. Aka, `akahi no makou a `ike i kekahi mele Hawai`i i unuhi mai ka `olelo mua.

Here are the original lyrics -- all six verses -- as written in 1816 by the Rev. Joseph Mohr. The song is called "Stille Nacht, Heil'ge Nacht." The music was written in 1818 by the Rev. Franz Gruber. The above translation is not be to be confused with earlier Hawaiian translations of the English song, "Silent Night, Holy Night."

1. Stille Nacht! Heil'ge Nacht!
Alles schläft; einsam wacht
Nur das traute hoch heil'ge Paar.
Holder Knab' im lockigten Haar,
|: Schlafe in himmlischer Ruh! :|

2. Stille Nacht! Heil'ge Nacht!
Gottes Sohn, o wie lacht
Lieb' aus deinem göttlichen Mund,
Da uns schlägt die rettende Stund'.
|: Jesus in deiner Geburt! :|

3. Stille Nacht! Heil'ge Nacht!
Die der Welt Heil gebracht,
Aus des Himmels goldenen Höhn,
Uns der Gnaden Fülle läßt sehn,
|: Jesum in Menschengestalt! :|

4. Stille Nacht! Heil'ge Nacht!
Wo sich heut alle Macht
Väterlicher Liebe ergoß,
Und als Bruder huldvoll umschloß
|: Jesus die Völker der Welt! :|

5. Stille Nacht! Heil'ge Nacht!
Lange schon uns bedacht,
Als der Herr vom Grimme befreit
In der Väter urgrauer Zeit
|: Aller Welt Schonung verhieß! :|

6. Stille Nacht! Heil'ge Nacht!
Hirten erst kundgemacht
Durch der Engel Alleluja,
Tönt es laut bei Ferne und Nah:
|: "Jesus der Retter ist da!" :|

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Ho`okahi Mapuna Hoe

Kaulana ka hoe `ana a Kawelo
Ua hu`e ana a`e kona wa`a
I luna o na `ale hanupanupa
Lele `o ia i O`ahu i ka moe

Hui:      Nalowale `O Kaua`i
          `O`ili `O O`ahu
          Me ho`okahi mapuna hoe i ke kai

I ka lua no o ka mapuna hoe
Ho`ea `O Kawelo i Kahuku
Ku ka makole ma luna o ka wa`a
He ho`ailona o kona heke loa


Ha`ina `ia mai ana ka puana
Ho`i mai `O Kawelo i Kaua`i
Ho`ala `o ia ma ka ho`i `ana
He moe `uhane keia wale no


Chanted:   Kaulana `O Kawelo i ka hoe
           Kaulana `O Kawelo i ka moe

Copyright 1996, C. Keith Haugen

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Walking Through The Memories
(Requiem For The Fallen)

The peace they fought for is right here
Between the rows of crosses
They died to save our freedom
And they're numbered among our losses
Although they came from far and wide
This place is now their home
A peaceful, final resting place
Where they'll never be alone.

        And I'm walking through the memories
        Where honor knows no end

That unmarked grave is special
For I know that he's my friend
We were comrades on a foreign shore
Buddies to the end
In the distance I hear a bugle call
As I stroll alone with God
Its haunting voice is singing "Taps"
For those beneath the sod

        And I'm walking through the memories
        Of those who gave their all

Walking, walking, walking,
Past graves both old and new
Their sun has set, their day is done
They were the chosen few
We salute and pay our own tribute
Flags and flowers all abound
They all came back to make their home
In this hallowed ground

        And I'm walking through the memories
        Of those who gave their all.

Copyright 1999, C. Keith Haugen
Published by Island Viking, Honolulu, Hawai`i

"Walking Through The Memories" was composed by Keith Haugen of Honolulu in
1999.  It is Part III in his "Trilogy of War & Peace" which began in 1991
with "We Still Care," the popular Pearl Harbor commemorative song that was
featured in the 50th anniverary events marking the December 7, 1941 attack on
Pearl Harbor and as the theme song in the 1991 Aloha Bowl half-time show.  
Part II of the trilogy is "Mokukaua," a song of victory written in 1998 for
the USS Missouri.


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