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We don't know who first said that, or on whose bumper we first read it, but it is so true. There are so many good books and we're reluctant to try single out which ones we feel are better than the others, but we have some favorites--books that we feel should be in every home library.On this page, we'll make our recommendations, mostly books about Hawai`i and Hawaiiana (things Hawaiian) that we feel our friend and fans of Hawaiian music and the hula will want to buy for their home library. And, via the hyperlink on this page, we'll help you connect with Barnes & Noble, a great place to order your books.  We'll update this page from time to time, adding more titles, with our recommendation.  

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 1. `Olelo No`eau, Hawaiian Proverbs & Poetical Sayings. Collected, translated and annotated by Mary Kawena Pukui, Illustrated by Dietrich Varez
Bernice P. Bishop Museum (Special Publication No. 71) Bishop Museum Press, Honolulu, Hawai`i (1983)

LCC 83-072688 ISSN 0067-6179
ISBN 0-910240-93-0 Paperbound Edition   Click Here
ISBN 0-910240-91-4 Anniversary Edition   Not Available from B&N
                           ISBN 0-910240-92-2 Clothbound Edition    Not Available from B&N

`Olelo No`eau is a one of a kind book. If you are at all interested in Hawaiian culture, language, music, or people, this is a MUST. Tutu Kawena has been a constant inspiration to us for many years. K&C

2. KUMULIPO, Hawaiian Hymn of Creation, Volume I
Rubellite Kawena Johnson
Topgallant Publishing Co., Ltd., Honolulu, Hawai`i (1981)

ISBN 0914916-53-X    Not Available from B&N

Although the Kumulipo has been published in other forms, this is the one we recommend. Ruby was one of Keith's Hawaiian language professors at the UH. K&C

3. HAWAIIAN DICTIONARY, Hawaiian-English, English-Hawaiian.
Mary Kawena Pukui and Samuel H. Elbert, lexicographers
University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu (1986)

ISBN 0-8248-0703-0   Click Here

We couldn't live without it. There is no Hawaiian Dictionary, which would be entirely in the Hawaian language. K&C

4. Mamaka Kaiao, He Puke Hua`olelo Hawai`i Hou, 1998
Published by Hale Kuamo`o-Kikowaena `Olelo Hawai`i
University of Hawai`i at Hilo, 200 West Kawili, Hilo, Hawai`i 96720-4091

This book includes new Hawaiian words and new uses for older words, assembled by the Lexicon Committee, a group that creates words for concepts and material culture unknown to Hawaiian ancestors.

ISBN 1-58191-005-3   Not Available from B&N

This is a wonderful supplement to the Hawaiian Dictionary. It brings the language up to date. K&C

5. Place Names of Hawai`i Mary Kawena Pukui, Samuel H. Elbert, Esther T. Mookini
The University Press of Hawaii, Honolulu (1974)

ISBN 0824805240   Click Here

Although the book is not up to date and many new place names are not included, it is a masterpiece of handy information about thousands of place names in a place where place names are so important. Perhaps someday it will be updated. K&C

6. Ka Lei Ha`aheo, Beginning Hawaiian
Alberta Pualani Hopkins, with illustrations by Anna Stone Asquith.
University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu. (1992)

ISBN 0-8248-1259-X   Click Here

The perfect book for those who want to start studying Hawaiian language, on their own or in a classroom situation. K&C

7. Hawaiian Names English Names
Eileen M. Root
Press Pacifica, P.O. Box 47, Kailua, Hawai`i 96734 (1987)

ISBN 0-916630-62-5   Click Here

This and the next listing are both good books for those who want to translate their names into Hawaiian, rather than use the "touristy" method of merely transliterating into phonetic sounds found in the Hawaiian language. e.g., instead of transliterating (Hawaiianizing) Keith to be Kiki, or Kika or some meaningless groupings of sounds that are similar to the original name (and sold in gift shops on everything from signs, key chains, placemats, and stickers, you can "translate" Keith from Gaelic to Hawaiian. In Gaelic, it means wind, and in Hawaiian that is Kamakani. Be careful when you give or take a name. K&C

8. The Hawaiian Name Book
Patrick Ka`ano`i and Robert Lokomaika`iokalani Snakenberg
Bess Press, P.O. Box 22388, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822 (1988)

ISBN 0-935848-52-5  Click Here

This book argues in favor of translation instead of transliteration (Hawaiianization) so your Hawaiian name "means" the same as your foreign name, instead of "sounds like." Remember, those who started Hawaiianizing their names did so because they didn't know what their names meant. If your name is Hope, it is better to use Kamana`olana than to simply change the last vowel sound of Hope. K&C

9. The Voices of Eden, a History of Hawaiian Language Studies
Albert J. Schutz
University of Hawai`i Press, Honolulu (1994)

ISBN 0-8248-1637-4   Click Here

A great book for linguists and others involved in language study or teaching, but of interest to anyone who loves Hawaiian. Al was one of Keith's linguistic professors at the UH-Manoa. K&C

10. Grand Sumo, the Living Sport and Tradition
Lora Sharnoff, illustrations by Lynn Matsuoka
Weatherhill, Inc. New York (1989)

ISBN 0-8348-0226-0   Click Here

A MUST for anyone interested in sumo, the centuries old traditional sport of Japan. There are not many English language books on the sport and this is the best one. K&C

11. Na Mele o Hawai`i Nei, 101 Hawaiian Songs
Collected, translated and annotated by Samuel K. Elbert and Noelani Mahoe
The University Press of Hawaii, 2840 Kolowalu Street, Honolulu, Hawai`i 96822 (1970)
LCC 72-113938

ISBN 0-87022-219-8   Click Here

Na Mele o Hawai`i Nei is a must for those involved in Hawaiian music. It is one of the few collections of Hawaiian songs of its kind, with translations and some very interesting background information about the songs and composers. Sam Elbert is the lexicographer who worked with Mary Puku`i on the dictionary; and Noelani Kanoho Mahoe is a recording artist of note, leader of the group called Na Leo Nahenahe or The Leo Nahenahe Singers. So few of our Hawaiian songs are published in sheet music or song books, making a good lyrics book like this the next best thing for most singers and recording artists. It's a must for your collection. K&C

12. Learn Hawaiian at Home
Kahikahealani Wight
Bess Press, Box 22388, Honolulu, Hawai`i96823 (1992)
LCC 92-73803

ISBN 1-880188-21-X   Click Here

Learn Hawaiian at Home is one of the few packages of its type for those who are serious about learning to speak Hawaiian and who cannot take time to attend school for a more formal education. It is a book and tape package and includes such well-known speakers of Hawaiian as Hau`oli Akaka, Tuti Kanahele, Bill Panui and others. It's a great place to start. K&C

13. Hawai`i, a Unique Geography
Joseph R. Morgan
Bess Press, Box 22388, Honolulu, Hawai`i 96823 (1996)

ISBN 1-57306-021-6   Click Here

Although this is used at the UH as a textbook, it is a great book for anyone interested in Hawai`i. In fact, it is one of the best geography books we seen, in that it covers every type of geography--from physical to cultural and economic. It is current, very up to date, well-written and loaded with pictures. It is one of those books that students are reluctant to sell after they've completed the course. K&C

Kahikahealani Wight/illustrated by Robin Yoko Racoma
Bess Press, 3565 Harding Avenue, Honolulu, Hawai`i 96816 (1997)

ISBN 1-57306-056-9    Click Here

This is not nearly the complete dictionary used by most scholars, but it is a good book, well designed and laid out in large, easy to read type and with some drawings will better explain some Hawaiian things than can be done in words alone. It deals with a vocabulary not too unlike the limited vocabulary of many who have learned or are learning Hawaiian as a second language. K&C

9.The Queen's Songbook - HER MAJESTY QUEEN LILI`UOKALANI.  Text and music notation by Dorothy Kahananui Gillett, edited by Barbara Barnard Smith. Hui Hanai, 1300 Halona St., Honolulu, Hawai`i 96817.Honolulu, Hawai`i (1999)
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 95-80454
ISBN 0-9616738-7-7 Clothbound Edition
ISBN 0-9616738-8-5 Paperbound Edition

This is a collection of songs written by Lili`uokalani, the last monarch of Hawai`i. The 1999 publication includes 13 songs published by Her Majesty, 42 of her songs that were not previously published, and five songs associated with her.  These are from a list of 150 songs attributed to the Queen, and include some of the best known--"Aloha `Oe," "Ahe Lau Makani," "The Queen's Jubilee," "Puna Paia `A`ala," and many more.  There are pictures, stories, translations, music--everything you'd want for your home library.  An absolute must for anyone interested in Hawaiian music. -- K&C (10/99)