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HONOLULU – Local singer/songwriter Cordell Keith Haugen has compiled an anthology CD with 24 of his best-known compositions, appropriately dubbed an “eclectic potpourri.” The CD includes Hawaiian, Christmas, patriotic and country songs, even a children’s song – all taken from nine earlier recordings.

The CD, “Author! Author!” was released by Island Viking (IVCD 107).
“Author! Author!” is what fans call out when an artist performs original material that is thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. It’s what singer-songwriters, composer-musicians love to hear.  “It’s like hearing ‘hana hou!’ only better,” said Haugen, whose variety of songs are represented in the new release. “It not only means they like the way you performed a song, but they like the song, and they know that you wrote it.”

Haugen has written more than 200 songs, in a variety of genre, over the past 45 years.  Many of his compositions have been recorded by such noted artists as Jack deMello, Ledward Ka`apana, Ohta-san, Brittni Paiva & Melveen Leed, Rhonda, Diana Aki & Cyril Pahinui, the Lim Family, The Patriots, Pierre Grill, Agnes Kimura of Japan, Don Shane of Nashville, John Rowles of Australia and New Zealand, Simple Pleasures, Stephen McDonough, and the Leo Marchildon Orchestra and Chorus of Hollywood, all of California, and others. Lyrics to all the songs on this CD are available, Song Lyrics.  Keith is also an award-winning short story writer, a published poet, and an educator.  He is currently writing a book on the history of Hawaiian music for a local Hawai`i publisher.

Among the songs on this CD are “I Ka La `Apopo,” which won first prize in the Friends of the Royal Hawaiian Band’s 1993 Ho`okuku Mele for new Hawaiian lyric songs about the 1893 overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom; and two songs that were chosen as theme songs for Aloha Bowl half-time shows: “It’s Christmas (All Over The World),” sung in 1990 by The Love Notes, and “We Still Care, The Pearl Harbor Commemorative Song,” sung by Keith & Carmen Haugen and members of the Sounds of Aloha Barbershop Chorus in 1991.  Others cuts include the patriotic songs that won for the composer the prestigious Aloha Spirit Award from the Chamber of Commerce of Hawai`i, and songs that were on the 2001 Country CD of the Year, 2002 Patriotic CD of the Year, and the 2004 Single of the Year – all in the Music of Hawai`i People’s Choice Awards. In March 2006, the Music Foundation of Hawai`i awarded Keith & Carmen the first ever Legacy Award for Lifetime Achievement by a Musical Group, for their more than 30 years of performing in Waikiki and around the world, and for their ongoing support of Hawai`i and other artists.

On this CD, you’ll hear guitar, `ukulele, steel guitar, slack-key guitar, chant, piano, strings, `ili`ili, ipu, congas, bird calls, chimes, vocal solos and four-part barbershop harmonies, children’s voices, U.S. Senator Dan Inouye, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, drums, bugle, even fiddles.  You’ll hear everything you might expect from arrangements in an “eclectic potpourri” chosen from albums of many genre over decades of recordings. There’s something for everyone, all written by Haugen, and recorded by the composer and friends.  Among the “friends” are such well-known artists as Danny Kaleikini on nose flute, Isaac Ki`ilehua chanting, the late great Augie Colon on percussion and bird calls, the beautiful voices of The Sounds of Aloha Barbershop Chorus, the Sugar Cane Express Barbershop Quartet, The Waimanalo Keikis, Carmen Haugen, Nanilisa Pascua, the country fiddling of Jay & Katie Linsky and Lee Carney, and such noted Hawaiian musicians as Robbie Kaholokula, George Kuo, Gordon Manuel Freitas, Don “Geezer” Humphrey, Eddie Palama, Guy Tseu, Pierre Grill, Greg Sardinha.  It’s called Volume One, a promise that at least one more such collection is in the making.


The Songs
The Best of Keith Haugen, Volume One
Island Viking Records -- IVCD 107

1.I Ka La `Apopo (3:37) (Won first prize in the Friends of the Royal Hawaiian Band’s 1993 Ho`okuku Mele. Features Danny Kaleikini on nose flute.)
2.Ka Makana O Pauahi (2;28) (Commemorates the 100th anniversary of The Kamehameha Schools)
3.`O Ka Wehi `O Kawehi (3:53) (A name song for Kawehi Lucas)
4.Protea (4:05) (theme song for “Music of Hawai`i” on KIPO)
5.Carmen’s Song (3:26) (One of many written for his wife)
6.Ke Ali`i Wahine Aloha (3:08) (A name song for composer Irmgard Farden Aluli)
7.Medley -- `O Ka Lei La`i/Pua Karauna (4:32) (Includes first song ever written for the ti leaf lei, and a song popularized by the Lim Family 25 years ago)
8.Ka`u Mea Aloha (3:56) (Uses the several hundred year old melody from “Aura Lea”)
9.Brown Skin Woman (3:17)(Features Augie Colon on percussion/bird calls)
10.The Lei Maker (3:19) (An early “folksy” favorite)
11.O`ahu (2:24)(Written in collaboration with Carole Miguel)
12. Mokupuni Nui (2:41) (Recorded three times by Slack Key Grandmaster Led Ka`apana.)
13.Merry Christmas One & All (1:51)(backup vocals arranged by Rob Hartley, sung by the Sugar Cane Express.)
14.The Christmas Prayer (3:35) (A tear jerker)
15.It’s Christmas (All Over The World) (3:08) (Chosen as the theme song for the 1989 Aloha Bowl half-time show)
16.Cease Fire, A Christmas Song (2:42) (His most controversial Christmas song)
17.Growing Up (2:26) (Includes backup by the Waimanalo Keikis)
18.We Still Care, The Pearl Harbor Commemorative Song (3:30) (Backup vocals arranged by Rob Hartley; theme song for 1991 Aloha Bowl half-time show. Backup vocals by The Sounds of Aloha Barbershop Chorus.)
19.Mokukaua, A Victory Song for the USS Missouri (2:07)
20.Walking Through The Memories, a Requiem To The Fallen (3:24) (Honors all those buried in Punchbowl and other National Cemeteries)
21.I Watched Love Die (2:50)(A country favorite)
22.To That Little Girl Who Taught Me Love (3:53)(Another country favorite)
23. The Love That Counts (3:36) (Originally titled “I’ve Been Around”)

All songs are copyrighted by C. Keith Haugen, P.O. Box 1976, Honolulu, Hawai`i 96805.

Some of Keith Haugen’s other most popular compositions are found on “A Lifetime of Hawaiian Music,” (Island Viking IVCD 106), a K&C anthology CD released in July 2006 to commemorate the Legacy Award for Lifetime Achievement as a Musical Group, presented to Keith & Carmen by the Music Foundation of Hawai`i (March 2006), including “He Makana Mai Ke Ali`i,” “In Your Eyes” / “E `Ike Mai,” “Maua Pu,” and “Ho`omaika`i.”