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“The Best of Keith & Carmen Haugen, Volume 1”

An anthology of Hawaiian songs
from six earlier K&C recordings=


In March 2006, Keith & Carmen were honored by the Music Foundation of Hawai`i as the first recipients of the Legacy Award for Lifetime Achievement as a Musical Group -- quite an honor when you consider all of the outstanding groups in the Islands.  They were honored for more than 30 years of performing Hawaiian music in Waikiki and around the world, and for their contributions to other artists and the community.  They responded by releasing a new anthology CD with 22 cuts from six of their earlier recordings (1978-2003).  Five are medleys, so there are 27 songs in this collection, including eight of Keith's compositions.  The new release celebrates the latest honor and their 25 years of recording Hawaiian music.


The Songs

1.   Ku`u Pua Lehua (Kalani) (4:19)
2.   He Makana Mai Ke Ali`i (Haugen) (3:25)
3.  `Ukulele Lady (Whiting/Kahn) (2:35)
4.  Remember My Island (Sommerfeld/ Christopher) (4:05)
5.  In The Royal Hawaiian Hotel (Jacobs/Noble) (3:19)
6.  Ua Like No A Like/I’ll Be Thinking of You (Everett/Hoffman-Manning) (4:45)
7.  In Your Eyes/E `Ike Mai (Haugen/Haugen (translation by Kaholokula) (3:26)
8.  `Ainahau (Likelike) (2;48)
9.  Kalena (traditional) (2:56)
10.  He Punahele No `Oe (traditional/Nahalea) (4:29)
11.  `O Ka Lei La`i/Pua Karauna (Haugen/Haugen) (4:32)
12.  My `Ukulele & Me (Tableporter) (1:49)
13.  Pulupe Nei `Ili I Ke Anu/Together Forever (traditional/Haugen) (4:11)
14.  I Kona (Kelepolo) (3:20)
15.  `Iniki Malie (traditional) (3:36)
16.  Waikiki/Sands of Waikiki (Cummings/Pitman) (4:02)
17.  Lahainaluna (alma mater) (Kaleikini) (2:25)
18.  Maua Pu (Kaholokula/Haugen) (1:53)
19.  Ali`ipoe (Maka`ehu/ arrangement by Haugen) (3:39)
20.  Ku`u Home Lunalilo (Halemanu) (2:09)
21.  Ho`omaika`i (Haugen) (1:51)
22. Aloha `Oe (Lili`uokalani/Converse) (4:32)  

A collection of some of the most popular Hawaiian songs from earlier recordings by the artists, all previously released (1978-2003) on “Chasing Rainbows” (Pumehana Records), “`Ukulele Lady” (Pumehana Records), “Looking Back,” (Pumehana Records), “Keith & Carmen At The Royal” (Pumehana Records), “Na Mele Hawai`i Punahele” (Island Viking), or “The Village Where I Went To School” (Island Viking). Pumehana tracks used with permission of Tropical Music Inc.